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“CABARET” is a simple story set in a magic world, combining aerial disciplines (trapeze, tissue …) with a good dose of humor.

Madame Lili, a fabulous enchantress of her epoch, returns to demonstrate to the public that despite a long period of retirement she is still as fabulous as before. Her aim is to fulfill her dream… to fly.

With two mysterious trunks, madame Lili will surprise you living you speech less.

With great tenderness and with the help of the public, madame Lili takes you in a world of magic and mystery, full of dance and aerial acrobatics.


The show is 50 minutes long and can be performed inside a theatre, in the street or in a square. During day time or at night.


Suitable for all audiences


In the street or in a square:

A flat surface 10 mts deep, 8 mts wide and 7 mts high without obstacles in order to set the structure

- Independent structure.

- Mini van access

- Power source

- Toilets and dressing room, the nearest possible to where the performance take place


Get in

- Three hours

- Two persons, during five minutes, to help lifting up and setting the structure


Get out

- Three hours


measurements of the structure

- Rectangular base of 8,50 mts x 6 mts

- Hight: 6:50 mts



In theatre:


-minimum hight 6.20 mts

-access to the bridge, grid or beam from where to hang the aerial elements (trapeze and tissue)

-A sound technician


Get in

-Three hours


Get out

-Three hours




Artistic direction: Oscar Valsecchi y Pili Serrat

Set design: Jose Michael Visus, Iris Mur Franco, Yolanda Gutiérrez and Rebeca Gutiérrez

Costumes: Capicua

Graphic design: Mamen Alcazar

Production: Capicua

Original idea: Capicua

Artistic Dossier and

Technical requirements