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“ENTREDOS” is a new creation that combines physical theatre, circus, dance and objects manipulation to tell a story set in a world hat lies between reality and dreams.

The alarm clock rings, I wake up and like every morning a make myself a cup of coffee.

All of a sudden in my hand, instead of a cup, I hold a shoe. With the shoe in my hand I’m looking for an answer and I find a woman…..

Am I dreaming or am I awake?

If this is a dream, please, don’t wake me up. What happens when people inside a dream start dreaming?

What is real and what is fantasy?


The show is 50 minutes long and can be performed in theaters, streets, squares or circus tents, both during day time and at night.


Suitable for all audiences.


Get in

- six hours before the show.

- In the event of two performances in the same day

a two hours gap between the two shows is required.


Get out

- two and half hours


In the street or in a square

-a flat surface 10 mts deep, 8 mts wide and 7 mts high without obstacles in order to set the structure

-Independent structure

-mini van access

-Power source

-Toilets and dressing room, the nearest possible to where the performance take place


If the show is performed at night or in a enclosed space

we will require an appropriate lighting system that covers the floor

area and the aerial numbers six meters up in the air.



In theatre:


-stage 10 mts deep, 7mts wide and 7 mts high

-One quadrangular truss 3 meters long.

-Four anchorage points for the truss.

-A lateral anchorage for the block and tackle.




Director: Oscar Valsecchi

Set design: Francisco Torrejon, Fred Labbe y Capicua

Costumes: Capicua

Graphic design: Joan Lavandeira

Light design and sound: Joan Lavandeira

Video edition: Marc Canal Uro

Production: Capicua

Original idea: Capicua



***What people say about our work***


What a nice show! It does not repeat itself like many circus shows usually do. There is a lot of different disciplines but the most important… its very funny!


Valentina, aerial Acrobat


Magical. Diversion and geniality all together in a mix of circus and theatre. A show who makes adults fly and children dream. Very delicate and created with special care down to the last detail. A game of mirrors that will not live you indifferent.

A boy, spectator in love with circus shows


It’s a very special show, I really like it

It’s like been in a dream!


Asia, circus producer

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