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3rd of January

16th of March



24th of April

3rd of May

9th of May

15th and 16th of May

10th of July: Badajoz (Extremadura)

11th of July:Zarauz ( San Sebastian)

12th of July: Jacetania Festival, 19:30h ( Villanua)

13th of July:Pirinesos Sur Festival, 13h ( Huesca)

18th of July: Barakaldo ( Bilbao)

19th of July: Santurzi ( Bilbao)

26th of July: Ermua, pl.San Pelayo 22.30h ( Bilbao)

15th of August: Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia)

20th and 21st of August: Aste Nagusia Local Festival, Pl.Arriaga 21:30h/Pl.Gas 19:30h ( Bilbao)

20th of September: Gaire Festival ( Pancrudo)

28th of September: Jovellanos Theatre (Gijon)

11th of October: La Coruña

12th of October: El Ferrol, Theatre ( Galicia)

17th of October: Conservatori Theatre ( Manresa, Barcelona)15th of November

15th of November: León, Theatre ( Platea Program)

29th of November: Huelva , Theatre ( Programa Platea)

12th of December

27th and 28th of December ………fechas nuevas……………..

30th of December